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Setting up an IOM Bridge Server and Spawner
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Creating the Metadata for an IOM Bridge Server
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Using IT Administrator
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Configuring and Starting the Object Spawner on z/OS
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Initializing UNIX Environment Variables for Workspace Servers
IOM Bridge Servers

Attributes for sasLogin

A SAS login may need to be available in order to start a SAS session on a server or to connect to a client. Each SAS login definition contains a user name, password, and domain, as well as a pointer to the user's person reference entry in the LDAP directory.

SAS logins may be used to provide credentials when creating a client connection. Whether or not SAS logins are required depends on the method calls used to start the server or create the connection. For example, you might need logins for pooling. If you do not use logins, you must track and specify the user credentials manually.

The sasLogin object class is defined using the attributes listed in the following table. For each attribute, the table shows:

  • The name that identifies the attribute on the LDAP server (or in the configuration file). Under each attribute name, the table shows the corresponding tab and field name in the IT Administrator application.

  • "Required" or "Optional" to indicate whether the attribute is required.

  • The type of server configuration for which the attribute is used. Note: SAS logins are used only in IOM Bridge configurations. Therefore, IOM Bridge is listed as the server type for each attribute.

  • A definition of the attribute.

For step-by-step instructions on defining the metadata for a SAS login, refer to Using the IT Administrator to Define a SAS Login. If you are not using an LDAP server, you can use a configuration file to define a SAS login. For instructions, see Using a Configuration File to Define the Metadata.

sasLogin Attribute Definitions
Attribute Name Required/
Server Type Definition

In IT Administrator::
Optional IOM Bridge Text to summarize why this object definition exists.

In IT Administrator:
Required IOM Bridge The object class identifier. For sasLogin objects, this is always sasLogin. If you use IT Administrator, this identifier is assigned automatically.

In IT Administrator:
Logins    Client DNs
Optional IOM Bridge The distinguished names of the users or groups of users who are to be allowed access to a workspace that is created with this sasLogin.

In IT Administrator:
Logins    Domain
Optional IOM Bridge The security domain in which the sasLogin definition participates. The login definition must have the same domain name as the server on which SAS sessions will be established. The lack of a domain is considered a domain; therefore, if the login definition has no domain name, it will be associated only with servers that have no domain name.

In IT Administrator:
Logical Names
Optional IOM Bridge The logical names associated with this sasLogin definition. For more information about logical names, refer to Assigning Logical Names.


In IT Administrator:
Required IOM Bridge The unique name for this sasLogin object.


In IT Administrator:
Logins    SAS Login
Required IOM Bridge The user name, or login ID, that the spawner is to use when launching the object server. The user name must be valid for the server on which SAS sessions will be established.

In IT Administrator:
Logins    Min Available Workspaces
Optional IOM Bridge Specifies the minimum number of workspaces using this login definition that need to be available. This value includes only idle connections.

In IT Administrator:
Logins    Min Workspace Size
Optional IOM Bridge Specifies the minimum number of workspaces using this login definition that are created when the workspace pool is created. This value includes both connections that are in use and connections that are idle. The default value is 0.

In IT Administrator:
Person Reference
Optional IOM Bridge The distinguished name of a person or group entry. This attribute is not used by the object spawner.

In IT Administrator:
Logins    Password
Required IOM Bridge The user login password for starting a SAS session. The password must be valid for the server on which SAS sessions will be established.