Third Party Enterprise Management Tools

Your enterprise can be made more successful by using enterprise class or enterprise ready applications that are designed according to a set of standards and practices. When SAS says that we deliver solutions "Fit for IT", it represents our recognition that you expect SAS products to support these operational-oriented standards and that you look to us for the knowledge, solutions, and practices necessary to help you achieve enterprise class deployments of SAS products and solutions.

Beginning with SAS 9.4, SAS Environment Manager provides a unified solution to meet the administration needs of your enterprise. However we also know that you might need to integrate with one of the leading enterprise management applications. SAS Environment Manager provides several methods to send information about SAS events and conditions to third party tools commonly used by IT organizations for overall operational monitoring.

Sending Alerts

SAS Environment Manager can generate alerts based on a robust set of conditions. These alerts can have associated escalation schemes, which can be defined to perform any of these actions:

Examples and detailed instructions on how to set up alerts and escalations are provided in the SAS Environment Manager 2.4: User's Guide . Refer to the documentation for your third party monitoring tool for information on how to consume the alert from SAS Environment Manager.

Exporting Events

The SAS Event Exporter is a new feature of SAS Environment Manager release 2.4. When you define the exporter platform service in SAS Environment Manager, event activity is exported from SAS Environment Manager into a flat file. You can then integrate the information in the file with your third-party monitoring tools. See more information in the SAS Users blog entry Exporting events from SAS Environment Manager, and in the Importing and Exporting Events section of the SAS Environment Manager 2.4: User's Guide.