SAS Environment Manager

SAS Environment Manager offers an integrated, operationally focused, collection of administration and monitoring tools. Visit the SAS Environment Manager product page to access document ation and more information about this product.

Plugins enable agents to discover and monitor resources in a SAS environment. Each plugin is associated with a specific resource, and provides the agents with the instructions needed to recognize the resource during auto-discovery and to monitor and colle ct metrics for the resource.

Service Architecture Framework
The SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture framework augments the basic capabilities of SAS Environment Manager by extending and automating many of the monitoring, auditing and user activity logging activities consistent with the operational require ments of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Third Party Enterprise Management Tool Integration
SAS Environment Manager provides several methods to send information about SAS events & conditions to third party tools commonly used by IT organizations for overall operational monitoring.

SAS Environment Manager, its reports, and supporting data are provided to assist in the troubleshooting and performance tuning of SAS environments. Although audit, access, and connectivity data and reports are provided, SAS does not provide a guarantee as to their completeness.

If you require more extensive and comprehensive audit, access, and connectivity data, please contact SAS Professional Services for assistance.

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SAS Environment Manager is licensed for and restricted to the monitoring and management of SAS technologies, solutions and the necessary associated supporting infrastructures. Other uses are restricted in accordance with your SAS Master License Agre ement.

Open-source plugins may be used in accordance with your agreement but SAS cannot support or answer questions associated with their installation, operation, or use.