SAS Audit, Performance and Measurement

Audit, performance and measurement is vital if you need to create audit authentication reports for regulatory compliance or produce reports on the performance and usability of your SAS Intellegence Platform. Some common requirements include:

SAS Metadata Server audit reports

SAS Intelligence Platform server performance usage reports

SAS Environment Manager

Introduced in SAS 9.4, SAS Environment Manager offers an integrated, operationally focused, collection of administration and monitoring tools. The SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture framework (introduced with SAS Environment Manager 2.4) supports audit, performance and measurement by extending and automating many of the application's monitoring, auditing and user activity logging activities. The Service Architecture Framework makes this information available through a wide variety of pre-defined reports, such as See SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture Report Center Bundled Reports(PDF) for a complete list of available reports. See SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture Framework for more information.

SAS Audit, Performance and Measurement Package

SAS has deprecated support of the SAS Audit, Performance and Measurement package (APM) which was a collection of utilities provided prior to the integrated functionality now available in SAS Environment Manager. As a convenience for customers who have already installed the old APM package and are not yet able to upgrade to the most current 9.4 release, the historical APM documentation is available for reference.

Other Tools

The SAS logging facility is a flexible, configurable framework that you can use to collect, categorize, and filter events and to then write the events to a variety of output devices. The logging facility supports problem diagnosis and resolution, performance and capacity management, and auditing and regulatory compliance. The logging facility is used by most SAS server processes. You can also use the logging facility within SAS programs. For more information, see the SAS 9.4 Logging Configuration and Programming Reference.

The Application Response Measurement (ARM) API, is an application programming interface for measuring end-to-end application response time. The ARM API enables vendors to create management-ready applications and enables end users to measure and control the total performance of their business-critical distributed applications. For more information, see the ARM - Application Response Measurement focus area.