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Welcome to SAS Maps Online

Check out our SAS training class available for Producing Maps with SAS/GRAPH. It is taught both in a classroom and over the web.

SAS Maps Online shows maps for areas throughout the world. You can easily locate and identify specific regions in each of the following categories: world maps, continents, countries, and maps of political groups.

The Audience...

This application is directed at a wide range of map data users: SAS/GRAPH customers, educators, students and Map users in general.
  • SAS/GRAPH Customers can find out what map data sets are provided with SAS Software; can download data updates that have become available since our last product release, sample SAS/GRAPH programs that use the map data, images for the maps shown, Geocoding techniques and look-up data and other useful tools.
  • Educators and Students can use this site to locate and identify the countries of the world.
  • Other MAP Users can use this site as a resource for map data providers and for locating countries of the world.

    The Data...

    The boundary files available here are stored in the SAS Transport format and must be converted using the SAS System. The boundary files are made available to the SAS community on an "as is" basis. Unless otherwise indicated, the map images represent maps available with the current Version of SAS software.

    The Application...

    The following links are available from the top of every page:
    Home Takes you to this page.
    Maps Enables you to find and view maps.
    What's New Outlines recent additions to the site and to the map data library.
    Downloads Provides access to data downloads.
    Resources Provides access to Sample Data, Sample Programs, Tools and Related Links.
    Feedback Allows you share your questions, comments, and suggestions.

    Your Input...

    We welcome your ideas for future features. Please take a few moments to send Feedback concerning your use of SAS Maps Online. Thank you.

    To stay current about MapsOnline updates, visit the SAS Hot Fix announcement board in SAS Communities and subscribe to the Maps category.