Guidelines for SAS® Customized Support

Program Description

The SAS® Customized Support program is an optional upgrade to the standard technical support that is provided under the customer’s Master License Agreement (MLA). The customer can purchase Customized Support for SAS® software that is licensed by the customer under the MLA. Customized Support agreements are designed to meet specific customer needs that cannot be met by either the SAS Premium Support or SAS Elite Support programs.

All SAS Customized Support agreements must include a SAS Technical Support Account Manager (TSAM). The TSAM, who is the customer’s direct liaison with SAS Technical Support, coordinates the delivery of additional services and serves as a primary point of contact for escalated technical-support issues that relate to the customer's use of the software for which customized support is purchased (hereinafter called "the software"). The software is designated in the SAS Customized Support portion of the supplement or amendment pursuant to which the software is licensed (hereinafter called "the supplement"). The customer can designate up to five (5) named customer employees who can contact the TSAM anytime during normal business hours in the customer’s designated time zone for technical-support issues that are related to the software. The SAS Customized Support offering might be updated from time to time, and these guidelines might be modified accordingly.

In addition to the having access to a TSAM, customers can purchase additional services as part of their SAS Customized Support agreement. Specific service availability might vary by country. Available service options under this program include the following:

  • On-site/remote support services
  • SAS administration services
  • SAS post-live hypercare services
  • SAS tuning and optimization services
  • SAS environment health-check services
  • SAS support for an operating model design
  • SAS residency services
  • SAS environment replication

Program Fees and Conditions

The customer can purchase SAS Customized Support for licensed software, in addition to the applicable license fees for the software and any applicable taxes. Fees for the initial customized-support period are set forth in the supplement. Fees for subsequent periods might vary and are set forth in renewal invoices. Travel costs and any expenses for on-site visits that are related to SAS Customized Support might be billed separately and in accordance with SAS Travel Guidelines. Payment of the SAS Customized Support program fee (and any applicable travel costs and expenses) entitles the customer to the benefits described herein for one (1) designated SAS software solution or one (1) aggregated group of designated SAS software tools that are licensed by the customer under the MLA. However, the customer can also purchase SAS Customized Support for other SAS software that is licensed by the customer under the MLA, in consideration of additional fees.

Customer Responsibilities

To ensure timely and efficient responses to the customer’s technical-support requests, the customer will assign dedicated internal resources who are knowledgeable with the software and the customer’s computing environment to coordinate with the TSAM. If technical-support services are performed at the customer’s location, the customer will provide SAS with reasonable access to applicable customer personnel, materials, information, CPU time, and equipment.



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