SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite

Increase revenue and optimize inventory with this suite of products. SAS Revenue Optimization Suite includes SAS® Regular Price Optimization, which helps you establish and maintain optimal everyday prices; SAS® Promotion Optimization, which enables you to make critical decisions concerning which promotions can maximize margin or minimize inventory levels; and SAS® Markdown Optimization (on both SAS® Viya and SAS® 9.4), which helps you identify and implement optimal price strategies for products that are seasonal or that are ready for permanent removal from your inventory. 

Most recent releases:

  • SAS Regular Price Optimization 5.4
  • SAS Promotion Optimization 5.4
  • SAS Markdown Optimization 5.4 on SAS® 9.4
  • SAS Markdown Optimization in SAS® Viya®

What’s New

What's New for SAS Revenue Optimization in SAS Viya

What's new in the latest release

What's New for SAS Revenue Optimization 5.4 on SAS 9.4

SAS Revenue Optimization 5.4 on SAS 9.4 includes several new suite-level enhancements as well as enhancements to SAS Promotion Optimization.

  • Suite Level Enhancements
    •  Migration to SAS 9.4 from 9.3.
    • Integration with Visual Analytics Administration and Reporting.
    • New Sales Forecast Export that uses plan settings to determine if sales forecasts should be constrained or unconstrained and export a single forecast for a given product, geography and time.
  • Promotion Optimization Enhancements
    • Common metrics for plan views to transition to common metric tables for all views within promotion optimization (calendars, category plans, promotions). This enhancement provides both performance and usability improvements:
      • Significant improvements in batch timings.
      • Consistent metrics across views (one source for metrics).
      • Improved user experience when interactively changing and evaluating plans.
    • Additional Performance and Usability Improvements
      • Support for "paging" on the Promotion List View.
      • Performance improvements on category plan "drill-down."
      • Ability to specify a maximum number of regional promotions on a plan.
Support for SAS Revenue Optimization Suite issues
SAS Technical Support assists with resolution of issues with SAS Revenue Optimization Suite. For details on how to open a Technical Support track, please see Usage Note 47386: SAS Revenue Optimization Suite 5.X - Reporting Issues to Technical Support.

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 SAS Revenue Optimization

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