SAS Statement Regarding Apache Struts 2 Denial of Service Vulnerability CVE-2018-1327

Reference Name: Apache Struts 2 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Severity: Informational
Status:No action by customers is required


4-04-2018 – Assessment completed


Customer deployments of SAS® are not vulnerable to CVE-2018-1327.


The REST plug-in uses the XStream library, which is vulnerable and allows a Denial of Service attack when someone uses a malicious request with a specially crafted XML payload.


April 4, 2018

The custom version of Apache Struts that is managed and delivered by SAS is not vulnerable to this exploitation. The software products that use the regular version of Struts 2 are not affected because the REST plug-in is not used. As an added precaution, customers who have installed SAS® Grid Manager might want to remove the flagged Apache Struts libraries that are included with the Platform Web Services component. Contact SAS Technical Support for additional details.

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