SAS® Third-Party Software Requirements - JBoss Application Server Support Statement

SAS® Third-Party Software Requirements - JBoss Application Server Support Statement

Red Hat provides JBoss software in two forms:

  • JBoss Community projects: innovative, fast-moving, freely available open source projects targeted at developers. Ideal for experimentation and exploring early feature capabilities; not supported for production use. Led by a strong community of JBoss engineers, customers, partners and the user community. A subset of these projects represents the "upstream" of future enterprise products.
  • JBoss Enterprise Middleware products: enterprise open source middleware, targeted specifically for mission-critical production use. JBoss Enterprise Products integrate multiple community projects from various open source communities (JBoss, Apache, Eclipse, etc.) Products are tested and certified, have a defined long-term product life cycle and are fully backed by a Red Hat subscription. Each JBoss Enterprise product is supported by a large partner ecosystem of ISVs, System Integrators and Software Resellers.

For the middle-tier, SAS customers can choose between two JBoss application servers:

  1. Red Hat's JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss Enterprise Middleware product), which is fully supported by Red Hat.
  2. The AS community project (JBoss Community project), which is supported by the user community.

These versions are compared on: Red Hat JBoss community or enterprise.

Important Notes:

  • Red Hat only supports JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP); they do not officially back the community version from
  • Any JBoss EAP defect or technical issue can be reported to Red Hat via their enterprise subscription process.
  • Issues identified with JBoss community projects are resolved by the community at the community's leisure (i.e. no service level agreements exist). Red Hat does not formally back these community projects.
  • Any issue found in the AS must first be reproduced in Red Hat's enterprise, supported version (JBoss EAP) before SAS is able to report the issue to Red Hat.
  • If the problem does not occur in the Red Hat JBoss EAP version, SAS may recommend moving to the Red Hat version of JBOSS as a remedy.


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