SAS® Orchestration Command Line Interface (CLI)

Resources for a successful installation.

The SAS Orchestration CLI is a tool that creates a playbook with a set of deployment instructions. It uses the order information attached to your Software Order Email to generate a custom playbook for your software deployment.

The SAS Orchestration CLI can be run locally; it doesn't need to be run on the deployment environment. Currently, the playbook can only be used for a deployment of SAS® Viya 3.3 or later on Linux.


  • Access to the Software Order Email.
  • Access to the internet.


Perform the following steps to run the SAS Orchestration CLI:

1.  Ensure that the attachment from your Software Order Email (SOE) for SAS Viya is copied to a folder on a machine running Macintosh, Linux or Windows operating systems.

2.  Based on your operating environment, download and unzip the appropriate the SAS Orchestration CLI to the same location.
Note: If using Internet Explorer, please save the file as a .tgz instead of .gz.

3.  From a command prompt, execute the appropriate command to run the orchestration generation tool:

Linux or Macintosh
./sas-orchestration build --input <location of file including the file name>

./sas-orchestration build --input /tmp/
./sas-orchestration build --input /Downloads/

.\sas-orchestration.exe build --input <location of file including the file name>

.\sas-orchestration.exe build --input Downloads\

4. The SAS Orchestration CLI creates SAS_Viya_playbook.tgz in the current working directory.

5.  Follow the remaining steps on your SOE to deploy your SAS Viya software.

If you want more information about options for using the SAS Orchestration CLI, run the command that's appropriate for your operating system:

Linux or Macintosh
./sas-orchestration help

.\sas-orchestration.exe help

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