Installing SAS® 9.4 on Windows

SAS 9.4 can be installed on x64 or 32-bit Windows. To install SAS 9.4 in a Windows operating environment, start with your Software Order Email (SOE). This email contains details such as the order number, the installation key and the type of installation you have: Basic or Planning.

The QuickStart Guide provides instructions for creating the depot and installing and deploying your order. Select the correct guide for your order based on the delivery media and whether the deployment type is Basic or Planning.

Electronic Software Delivery

Physical Software Delivery

The numbered items below are a summary of the QuickStart Guides – not a replacement for them.

  1. Verify the system requirements.

  2. Read Basic Order Installation Instructions.

  3. Read Planning Order Installation and Configuration Instructions.

  4. Perform any appropriate post-installation configuration.

  5. If appropriate, install and deploy software on the client and middle tiers.

Documentation for other systems can be found at SAS Install Center.

Renew your software license.

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