Installing SAS® 9.4 in a z/OS Operating Environment

To install SAS 9.4 under z/OS, start with your Software Order Email (SOE). This email contains information about your order such as the order number, the installation key and your deployment type (Basic or Planning).

The installation instructions documents provide instructions for installing and deploying your order. Select the correct instructions for your order based on the delivery media and whether the deployment type is Basic or Planning.

Physical Software Delivery

FTP and Basic installation instructions have been combined and are now available from the first link below. The previous instructions are listed under "Archived Physical Software Delivery Material" below.

The following items are referenced in the installation instructions:

  1. Verify the system requirements.

  2. Review the User's Guide.

  3. Users with planned deployments should read these installation and configuration instructions.

  4. Perform any appropriate post-installation configuration.

  5. If appropriate, install and deploy software on the client and middle tiers.

Documentation for other systems can be found at SAS Install Center.

Renew your software license.

Archived Physical Software Delivery Material

These installation documents were replaced by SAS 9.4 Foundation and Related Software: Installation Guide for z/OS:

SAS software is no longer shipped on cartridge media. These installation documents are provided for customers who have already received cartridge media:

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