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SAS Global Store Customer FAQ

1. Ordering outside the US?

After browsing our store, select your country from the pull-down window in the upper right portion of the screen. Select the eBook of your choice.  A credit card and Tax ID are required to complete your order.

2. Academic Evaluation/Desk Copy Request: I’m considering adopting this book for my class. Can I get a review copy of this book?

Yes. To request a copy, fill out the Academic Evaluation/Desk Copy Request Form.

3. Purchase Using Training Points: Can I use my training points to make purchases?

Yes, you can order books using training points. Our SAS Training & Books team will assist you.

4. Purchase Using Book Credits: I have a book credit to use, how do I that?

Send email to

5. Purchase Hard-Copy Books from Outside US: How do I purchase a hard-copy SAS book from outside the US?

Please contact your local bookstore.

6. Purchase with Student Discount: How do I request a student discount?

Please send a copy of your student ID to

7. Purchase Electronic Course Notes: Are course notes offered electronically, and can I purchase them outside of the US?

Course notes are not offered electronically, and they are neither sold nor distributed outside the US.  

8. Book Order Mistakes: What do I do if I make a mistake on my book order (such as indicating the wrong shipping address)?

Contact Customer Service as soon as possible. Depending on the timing, we might be able to have the order updated—or cancel the order and have you resubmit it. 

9. Book Order or Book Refund Status: How do I need to get an update on the status of a book order or a refund for a book return?

Send an email to

10. Ebook Returns: Can I return an ebook?

No, ebooks cannot be returned and are nonrefundable.

11. My SAS Profile: What do I do if I need to reset my password or have creation or activation problems?

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-727-0025 or

12. Book Recommendations: Who can I ask for a book recommendation?

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-727-0025 or

13. Books for Certification Exams: Which books do I need for certification?

Go to the SAS Global Certification Program page. Click the Certification tab near the top of the page on the right. Then, using the Certification drop-down menu, navigate to the exam that you need. Click the name of the desired exam and scroll down to find the Books section for that exam. 

14. Errors in a Book: What do I do if I find an error in the book I’ve ordered?

For SAS Documentation, send an email to
For a SAS Press book, send an email to

15. Problems Accessing Ebooks: I'm having problems downloading an ebook. What should I do?

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-727-0025 or .

16. Resellers Accessing Ebooks: I am a reseller. How do I as a reseller order an ebook?

Currently, resellers are not able to order ebooks via the SAS Store. Ebooks are for individual use only.

17. ISBN Numbers: Can I search by ISBN number for a book?

Yes, you can use the 13-digit ISBN number with or without the hyphens.

18. Order Receipt: I need a receipt for my book.

The bookstore confirmation serves as a receipt. Contact, if a formal receipt is needed.

19. How do I order if I am tax exempt or need a tax exempt refund?

NOTE: The SAS Store does not recognize organizations, agencies, or businesses that are tax exempt. To request a tax-exempt refund, contact SAS Training & Books. When tax-exempt status is verified, SAS will issue the appropriate refund.

20. Ebook Formats: What are the different formats for my ebook?

MOBI files enable you to read your book with a Kindle device.
EPUB files can be read on just about any tablet, mobile device, or ebook-reader.
PDF files are ideal if you want your ebook to look exactly like a printed book. PDF files can be viewed on a multitude of devices, regardless of hardware or operating system.

21. Downloading Books to Servers: Can I download and place ebooks on our University server?

No, currently the ebook is for individual use only. 

22. How many ebooks can I order in one purchase order?

You can order a maximum of four ebooks. 

23. Discount Code: I forgot to enter my discount code when ordering my book.

Send an email to

24. Discounts: Can I get a discount if I purchase multiple volumes (such as multiple titles or multiple versions of the same title-perhaps both hard copy and PDF)?

Yes, SAS offers a bulk rate discount for 25+ copies of a single title. To request this discount, place your order by contacting Customer Service.


Call us at 1-800-727-0025.

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