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Discounts on SAS® e-Books

Whether you're a student preparing for a career, a veteran trying to advance your knowledge, or a professor looking to incorporate SAS into the classroom, you can get the e-books you need for less.

SAS e-books have moved to RedShelf but all your favorite discounts still apply!

For print books, visit your local bookstore or favorite online bookseller.

Available Discounts

Academic Discount

Get 20% off products published by SAS (SAS Press e-books and certification prep guides in e-books formats) for those in the academic field. This discount applies to students, teachers, and faculty associated with academic institutions and school districts.

To receive a discount code that you can apply to your e-book purchase of SAS Press books through RedShelf, please email us. You must provide an education domain (e.g., .edu,, email address as proof of your academic status. Outside of the US, please email your academic/student ID in order to receive the academic discount on e-books purchased through RedShelf.

Training Discount

Get 30% off your e-book purchase when you attend one of our classroom, Live Web classroom, or on-site training courses. You will receive a discount code at the completion of your course to use when completing your SAS Press e-book purchase at RedShelf.

Certified Professional Discount

Once you are a certified professional, you can receive 20% off all SAS Press e-book orders through RedShelf. Email us to receive the discount code.

ASA Members Discount

American Statistical Association members get a 35% discount on SAS Press e-books at RedShelf.  To save, visit for details.

Veterans Discount

Get a 50% discount on any SAS Press e-book at RedShelf, offered to veterans, service members, and their spouses.  For more information, visit the US Veterans Career Transition Offer page.


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