Getting Version Information

After an ADO connection is open, you can retrieve version information for the data provider, the server, and for the ADO programming interface itself. You also can get the data provider version by opening the Properties dialog box associated with the provider's .DLL file.

Using ADO to Get Version Information

The following Visual Basic code will retrieve version information for the provider, server, and ADO:

Dim strProviderVersion As String
Dim strServerVersion As String
Dim strADOVersion As String
If obConnection.State = adStateOpen Then
	strProviderVersion = obConnection.Properties("Provider Version")
	strServerVersion = obConnection.Properties("DBMS Version")
	strADOVersion = obConnection.Version
End If

Note: To retrieve version information after an OLE DB data source is initialized, use the property DBPROP_PROVIDERVER for the provider and the property DBPROP_DBMSVER for the server.

Using a Provider's .DLL File to Get Version Information

To determine which version of the provider you installed, complete these steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to \Program Files\SAS\Shared Files\SAS Data Providers (or to wherever your SAS\Shared Files folder exists).
  2. Right click on the .DLL file associated with the provider you want to check. The provider .DLL files for SAS 9.1 are:
    • sasaorio0901.dll for the IOM Data Provider and the SAS OLAP Data Provider
    • sasafbas0901.dll for the Local Data Provider
    • sasafshr0901.dll for the SAS/SHARE Data Provider
  3. Select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  4. Select the Version tab on the Properties dialog box to see the version number.