The CALIS Procedure

Structural Equation Modeling Application

The Structural Equation Modeling Application is a graphical user interface to structural equation modeling techniques. You can specify models in graphical form to represent the hypothesized relationships among the variables. It is accessed from JMP software and uses the CALIS procedure for its computations.

The application enables you to define model variables in a path diagram by dragging data set variables to the diagram and to define the relationship between the model variables by using an arrow tool. You can move the variables to arrange the path diagram exactly the way you want. You can easily make a copy of a model, modify it, and analyze the new model, and you can compare several models with appropriate fit statistics. Finally, you can save the model specifications and the results for later use.

The Structural Equation Modeling Application provides access to a subset of the capabilities in the CALIS procedure. It supports mainly the PATH model specification through the path diagram interface. It does not support many other advanced features in PROC CALIS. For details, see SAS Structural Equation Modeling for JMP.