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System Options under UNIX

ALTLOG System Option: UNIX

Specifies the destination for the SAS log.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable
Category: Environment control: Files
UNIX specifics: all

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-ALTLOG file-specification | -NOALTLOG

-ALTLOG file-specification

specifies the location where an alternate SAS log is to be written. The file-specification argument can be any valid UNIX path to a directory, a filename, or an environment variable that is associated with a path. If you specify only the path to a directory, the SAS log is placed in a file in the specified directory. The name of the file will be filename.log, where filename is the name of your SAS job. If you are running SAS interactively and specify only the path to a directory, the log is written to a file named sas.log within that path.


specifies that the SAS log is not copied.


The ALTLOG system option specifies a destination to which a copy of the SAS log is written. All messages that are written to the SAS log are also written to the location specified in file-specification. You can use this option to capture log output for printing.

Note:   You can use the LOG option in the PRINTTO procedure to redirect any portion of the log to an external file. The code for PROC PRINTTO will not appear in the SAS log for the current session, but it will appear in the SAS log that you created with the ALTLOG system option.  [cautionend]

Note:   When SAS is started with the OBJECTSERVER and NOTERMINAL system options and no log is specified, SAS discards all log and alternate log messages.  [cautionend]

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