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Printing and Routing Output

Using SAS System Options to Route Output

Changing the Output Destination Using the LOG, PRINT, ALTLOG, and ALTPRINT System Options

You can use SAS system options to change the destination of the SAS log and procedure output. The options that you use depend on which task you want to accomplish:

LOG and PRINT are normally used in batch and interactive line modes. These system options have no effect in the windowing environment. If you are running in the windowing environment, use the ALTLOG and ALTPRINT system options.

You can specify these options in following locations:

For example, you could specify these options in the SAS command as follows:
sas -log '/u/myid/log' -print '/u/myid/prt'
sas -altlog '/u/myid/log' -altprint '/u/myid/prt'

See Ways to Specify a SAS System Option for more information.

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