INFOMAPS Procedure


Moves one or more filters to a new location.


MOVE FILTER "filter-ID" | ID_LIST=("filter-ID-1" <... "filter-ID-n">)
NEW_LOCATION="new-folder-location" </CREATE>;

Required Arguments

ID_LIST=("filter-ID-1" <... "filter-ID-n">)
specifies the filters to move. You can specify a single filter or you can use the ID_LIST= argument to specify multiple filters.
Tip:The filters specified in the ID_LIST do not have to reside in the same folder.
NEW_LOCATION="new-folder-location" </CREATE>
specifies the new location for the folder.
specifies that the named folder or location is created automatically if it does not already exist.


/* Move the filters "over60", "over40", and "over20" from */
/* the current folder to the "/Employees/AgeGroups" folder. */
/* If the "/Employees/AgeGroups" folder does not */
/* exist, then create it. */
move filter id_list=("over60" "over40" "over20")
   new_location= "/Employees/AgeGroups" /create;