INFOMAPS Procedure

Example 1: Creating a Basic Information Map

The following example shows you how to use the INFOMAPS procedure to create an information map:
proc infomaps metauser="your-user-ID"

   /* Open a new information map.  The specified location is */
   /* where, by default, the information map is saved when a */
   /* SAVE statement issued. The information map exists only */
   /* in memory until a SAVE statement is issued.            */
   new infomap "xmp_simple" 
      mappath="/Users/sasdemo/My Folder"

   /* Make the specified table on the specified server accessible. */
   insert datasource sasserver="SASApp"
      table="Sample Data"."CLASS" _all_;

   /* Save the information map that is currently open.  Because   */
   /* no location is specified in the SAVE statement, it is saved */
   /* in the location specified in the NEW INFOMAP statement.     */

The following window shows the resulting information map opened in SAS Information Map Studio. Note that the folder CLASS was created automatically because the INSERT DATASOURCE statement includes the _ALL_ option.
Basic information map example