INFOMAPS Procedure

IMPORT Statement

Imports an information map from an external XML file.
Note: If you use an external text editor to modify the XML file before importing it, then the editor must encode the file using the Unicode UTF-8 format for it to be imported correctly.


IMPORT FILE=fileref | "physical-location";

Required Argument

specifies the fileref or physical location of an XML file from which an information map is imported.


After importing an information map, you must issue a SAVE statement to save it. If you specify a name in the SAVE statement, then that name overrides the name specified in the XML file. If you save it with the same name and in the same location as an existing information map, then the imported information map replaces the existing information map in the SAS folders tree.
The location where the imported information map is saved is determined according to the following order of precedence:
  1. The MAPPATH specified in the SAVE statement
  2. The MAPPATH specified in the NEW INFOMAP or UPDATE INFOMAP statement
  3. The MAPPATH specified in the PROC INFOMAPS statement
The IMPORT statement always opens a new information map.
Any changes made to an open information map are lost if those changes are not saved before importing.


/* Create a new information map from an external file. */
import file="c:\test\test.xml";
save infomap "myMap"
   mappath="/Users/myUserID/My Folder";