DOWNLOAD Procedure

WHERE Statement

Selects observations from SAS data sets.
Restriction: The DOWNLOAD procedure processes WHERE statements when you transfer a single SAS data set.
See: SAS Statements: Reference .


WHERE where-expression-1 <logical-operator where-expression-n>;

Required Arguments

is a WHERE expression.
is one of the following logical operators:
  • AND
  • OR
  • OR NOT
is a WHERE expression.
To understand when using the SUBSTR function causes an index to be used, look at the format of the SUBSTR function in a WHERE statement:
where substr(variable, position, length)
   = 'character-string';
An index is used in processing when all of the following conditions are met:
  • position is equal to 1
  • length is less than or equal to the length of variable
  • length is equal to the length of character-string
The following example illustrates using a WHERE statement with the DOWNLOAD procedure. The downloaded data set contains only the observations that meet the WHERE condition.
proc download data=revenue out=new;
   where origin='Atlanta' and revenue < 10000;
For details, see SAS Statements: Reference .