DOWNLOAD Procedure


After you have started SAS/CONNECT, you can transfer SAS files between your client session and the server. The DOWNLOAD procedure copies SAS files that are stored on the server to the client.
Using PROC DOWNLOAD, you can do the following:
  • transfer multiple SAS files in a single step by using the INLIB= and OUTLIB= options. This capability enables you to transfer an entire library or selected members of a library in a single PROC DOWNLOAD step.
  • download specific entries in a catalog or specific members in a library by using the SELECT and EXCLUDE statements.
  • use WHERE processing and SAS data set options when downloading individual SAS data sets.
  • replicate selected data set attributes when downloading a data set.
  • transfer data sets and catalog entries that have been modified on or after the specified date.
  • specify the translation table to be used when you download a SAS catalog.
The syntax and specifications for the DOWNLOAD procedure are described here. For examples that use this syntax, see the following