DOWNLOAD Procedure


The DOWNLOAD procedure writes a series of informative messages to the SAS log when it executes. Examples of these messages are shown in the following output.
SAS Log Messages from the DOWNLOAD Procedure
NOTE: Remote submit to B commencing.
 1    proc download outfile='client-external-file'
 2       infile='server-external-file';run;
 NOTE: TEXT download in progress from
       infile=server-external-file to
 NOTE: Downloaded 4 records and 136 bytes.
 NOTE: 4 records were written to the file client-external-file.
       The maximum record length was 65.
       The minimum record length was 0.
 NOTE: 136 bytes were transferred at 136 bytes/second.
 NOTE: The PROCEDURE DOWNLOAD used 0.05 CPU seconds and 1455K.

 NOTE: Remote submit to B complete.