FAQs for Tracks

    How can I review tracking entries?

A new user must create a SAS Profile to be able to log in to the application.  Your SAS Profile will enable you to review tracks that are associated with the e-mail address that you supply for your profile. 

If you already have a SAS Profile, then you can log in to the application by providing the e-mail address and password that you supplied in your profile.

    How can I create a SAS Profile?

Create your SAS Profile using the link provided here.   Enter your e-mail address, a password, and some personal information.  You will receive an auto-reply e-mail that asks you to click a link to verify that the e-mail address you provided is the one you that you want to use to log in to the application.  You must click the link provided to establish your profile.

    What if I have problems logging in?

For assistance, send e-mail to .

    Can I review any track?

This application allows you to review only tracks that you created after 01APR2005.  Tracks created before this date cannot be reviewed.  Tracks must also contain a valid site number.

You can see only tracks in which the e-mail address matches the e-mail address that you provided in your SAS Profile.  Consequently, you cannot view tracks for other users at your site unless you are the designated SAS Site Representative/SAS Installation Representative or your SAS Site Representative has delegated this authority to your profile.

    Can I view tracks for multiple e-mail addresses?

Yes. There are two approaches:

Multiple Profiles - You can create a profile for each e-mail address that you have used to open tracks. If you use a different e-mail address to update a track, the updated pages will be added to the track and your consultant will see them. However, you will not be able to view those pages.

Single Profile - To view tracks that were opened with an e-mail address that doesn't match the e-mail address in your profile, you need to request supplemental access authority. This request goes to the SAS Installation Representative who is assigned to the site number that was used to open the tracks. The SAS Installation Representative can grant your request using the administrator link in the SAS Installation Representative's view of the tracks application. You can either contact your SAS Installation Representative directly or use the Request Access to Other Tracks form.

    What details will I be able to see about my tracks?

You are able to review any e-mail that you sent to SAS Technical Support and any e-mail that SAS Technical Support sent to you, including attachments. If you have neither sent nor received e-mail for a track, then you will be able to review only the header and the current status of the track and a message will tell you that no electronically communicated content is available for display.

If others at your site send e-mail updates to your track, it is important that they copy you on those e-mails if you want to be able to view them in this application. Only e-mails that are either sent by you or that include you will be displayed by the application.

    How can I update a track?

Click Update this track to provide additional information on this track. Note that you should use the same e-mail address that you used to open the track.

You can also update any of your tracks by sending e-mail to  However, in order for your update to be associated with an existing track, you must ensure that the Subject of your e-mail is the tracking number (for example, 7610247205).

    Can I update a closed track?

Once a track closes, you can no longer add information.

If you send e-mail to a track that is closed, you will receive an auto-reply e-mail telling you that a new track has been opened for you, along with the new tracking number.

    How frequently are tracks updated?

The tracks update approximately every 15 minutes.

    What if I notice that a page I added does not show up?

Because tracks update every hour, it is possible that the track has not yet updated.

Verify that the e-mail address used to update the track is identical to the e-mail address that was used to open the track.  If another user at your site updated your track by sending e-mail, that e-mail will be received by your SAS Technical Support consultant, but you will not be able to review that page with this application.

    What if I get a No Technical Support Tracking Entries found message?

If you receive the above message and think it is in error, e-mail SAS Technical Support at

    Can I associate more than one e-mail address with a single track?


    How do I use the Track Info field?

This field is provided for you to enter personal notes regarding a track.

You can use this field to add reminders or other comments.  You might find this field helpful for sorting your tracks into separate projects or for filtering other tracks from the list.

    Can I use the Track Info field to communicate with my SAS consultant?

No.  This field is visible only to you, your SAS Site Representative, or by anyone to whom your SAS Site Representative delegates this capability.  To communicate with the consultant responsible for your track, click Update this track in the track listing.

     What does the Hide/Save Track Info button do?

This button saves any text that you have entered in the Track Info column.  The button also hides any tracks that you have selected in the Hide column.

     What does the status column mean?

There are four possible values for status:

1. SAS researching indicates that we are working on the track.

2. Pending customer response indicates that we are waiting on additional information to be able to make progress on the track.

3. SAS answered indicates that an answer has been provided but the track is still available for update.

4. Closed indicates that the track is considered solved and cannot be updated. If you attempt to update a closed track, a new track is subsequently opened.

In some instances, we are researching an aspect of the track while also anticipating a response from you. In this case, you might see a combined status of SAS researching and Pending customer response.

    What is the oldest track available?

Only tracks opened after April 1, 2005 are included in this tracking system.