SAS Maps Online Feedback Survey

Please take a few moments to answer the questions below concerning your use of SAS Maps Online. Your input will help us improve our offerings to you.

1. Which of the following SAS Maps Online features did you use? (Click all that apply)


Current maps
Archived maps
Country Map Data Updates
Misc. Updates
GIS US State Boundary Data

Sample Data
Sample Programs
Tools (specify)
Useful_Links (specify)
2. What did you hope to accomplish with the SAS files you downloaded? 
3. How satisfied were you with the downloads from SAS Maps Online? (Click one answer)
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
4. If you were not satisfied with the downloads, please indicate what should be different.
5. How easy/difficult was it to find what you were looking for? (Click one answer)
Very easy
Somewhat easy
Neither easy nor difficult
Somewhat difficult
Very difficult
6. What difficulties did you experience while using this website?
7. What, if anything, do you particularly like about the SAS Maps Online website?
8. What, if anything, would you change about the site?

9. How likely are you to recommend the SAS Maps Online website to others?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Neither likely nor unlikely
Somewhat unlikely
Not at all likely

10. If you are not likely to recommend the site to others, please indicate why not.

11. How did you find this website?
External Search Engine
SAS Internal Search Engine
SAS Support Website
SAS SGF paper or Documentation (specify)
Other (specify)

12. Do you have any other comments about the SAS Maps Online site?

Thank you for your feedback. This information will be used along with responses from others to help us better meet the needs of the SAS Maps Online service.