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What happens if I close my browser or time out before my SAS code finishes executing?

If your browser closes or SAS Studio times out before your SAS code finishes executing in the code editor, the code stops running and you need to resubmit it. The default time-out interval for SAS Studio Single-User and SAS Studio Basic is one hour. You can specify a different time-out interval by using the Preferences window. The default time-out for SAS Studio Mid-Tier is set by the SAS Web Infrastructure Platform.

For more information, see "Setting the Start Up Preferences" in SAS Studio: User's Guide.

Note If you run a saved program as a background job, the program continues to run if you close your browser or sign out of SAS Studio, but the notification message that indicates when the program is finished is not displayed. For more information, see "Using the Background Submit Feature" in SAS Studio: User's Guide.