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What are the differences between SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide?

Both SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide provide a point-and-click interface to SAS that enables you to create reports, graphs, and charts; access SAS servers and data; and analyze data. Both products also include ready-to-use tasks for analysis and reporting as well as a color-coded SAS language editor.

The primary difference between SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide is that SAS Studio is a tool that you can use to write and run SAS code through your web browser. SAS Enterprise Guide is a Microsoft Windows client application that you install on your machine.

The following table lists some additional differences:

SAS Studio SAS Enterprise Guide
Workspace-based interface; files must be saved and opened individually. Project-based interface; all work is stored in a project file (.egp).
Runs on any platform for the supported web browsers. Runs on Microsoft Windows.
Supports interactive mode for running programs. Does not support interactive mode for running programs.
Supports viewing data. Supports viewing and editing data.
Scheduling is not supported. Projects can be scheduled to run at a later time.
Uses code snippets to insert saved SAS code in a program or as the basis for a SAS program. Uses editor abbreviations to insert longer strings of SAS code in a program.