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How can I share tasks and snippets?

You can share tasks and snippets in these ways:

If you save the task and snippet files on a shared drive, authorized users can access them by using the file navigation in SAS Studio.

If you email the task and snippet files to another user, the user must save the files locally and then access them using the file navigation in SAS Studio.

Note In order for the files to be available from the My Tasks or My Snippets folders, the user must use the SAS Studio interface to save the files to these folders.

You can use a SAS Studio repository to share tasks and snippets if you are running SAS Studio 3.8. A repository can contain task files, snippet files, XML files, and HTML files. Depending on your security requirements, the repository can be deployed externally to the Internet or internally to a local application server. To access the tasks and snippets in a repository, users must specify the repository URL in their SAS Studio preferences. After this preference is set, any tasks and snippets in the repository are available in the Tasks and Utilities and Snippets sections of the SAS Studio navigation pane. Administrators can create global repositories so that individual users don't have to set a SAS Studio preference to access the repository. For more information, see "Working with Repositories" in SAS Studio: Administrator's Guide.