Displaying the Contents of a Transcoding List

Use the SHOWTL macro to display the values stored in a 
transcoding list.  You can write the contents of the list
to the LOG window or to an HTML file that you can view in
your browser.  The syntax for the SHOWTL macro is:

     %SHOWTL (argument=value, argument=value,...);

specifies the four-level name of the transcoding list that you want to display. This field is always required. If you provide only the TRANLIST argument, the contents of the specified transcoding list is written to the LOG window.

specifies the name of the HTML file where the formatted output will be written. If the file you specify does not exist, it is created for you.

Note: HTMLFILE and HTMLFREF are mutually exclusive arguments.

specifies the SAS fileref that points to the location of the HTML file where the formatted output should be written. If the file you point to does not exist, it is created for you.

Note: HTMLFILE and HTMLFREF are mutually exclusive arguments.

indicates whether the transcoding list contents overwrites the information currently in the specified file or if it is appended to the end of the existing file. Specify APPEND to add contents to the end of an existing file. This argument is required only if you want to override the default setting. REPLACE, the default, deletes the information in an existing file and replaces it with the new output.

If you are including multiple transcoding lists in one file using APPEND, you may want to use the CAPTION argument to associate a caption with the contents of each list.

specifies the name and location of your property list. This argument is required only if you are using a property list other than the default. The property list name must be a four-level name, such as SASUSER.HTMLGEN.MYPROPS.SLIST.

The SHOWTL macro uses the Tabulate Formatter property list, SASHELP.HTMLGEN.TABPROP.SLIST.

runmode=B | S

specifies whether you are running the macro in batch mode B or with the Application Dispatcher.


specifies the character set name that should appear in the <META> tag in your HTML file. HTML Formatting Tools do not perform any error checking on this value. Error handling of bad or unsupported character set names is provided by the user's browser.

specifies the text that appears in the table caption. If you do not specify this argument, the table will not have a caption.

Note: If you are using any special characters (for example, %, &) in the CAPTION argument, include the %NRSTR in the argument in order to process these characters correctly.

showncr=Y | N
indicates whether the output from %SHOWTL includes the Numeric Character References (NCR) for characters in the transcoding list. The default valus is N; do not include the NCRs.

The output generated by the SHOWTL macro is presented in a table. You can use the following arguments to format the table. These arguments are described in the Tabulate Formatter syntax documentation.

  ctext center twidth twunits
  bgtype bg septype seploc
  encode brtitle saspower border
  bwidth talign cpad cspace
  tbbgcolr bxbgcolr clbgcolr rlbgcolr
  dbgcolr ttag tface tcolor
  tsize ftag fface fcolor
  fsize ctag cface ccolor
  csize chalign cvalign cltag
  clface clcolor clsize clhalign
  clvalign rltag rlface rlcolor
  rlsize rlhalign rlvalign dtag
  dface dcolor dsize dhalign
  dvalign pagepart doctype  


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