Transcoding Lists Provided with HTML Formatting Tools

We are providing transcoding lists that you can use to transcode your data between different encodings. Each list contains items that correspond to the hexadecimal code of all the characters in that encoding and their respective Unicode NCR. You should check this list before creating your own transcoding list.

The naming convention used for the transcoding lists is as follows:

For example, the transcoding list named E280LAT1 would be used to transcode data from IBM EBCDIC Code Page 280 to ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1).

Additionally, a special transcoding list SASHELP.HTMLGEN.IDENTITY.SLIST is available to perform one-to-one transcoding. See Example 2 for an example about using this transcoding list.

The remaining information contains two tables:

Provided Transcoding Lists

Transcoding to ISO 8859-x
Entry Name Description
AARAARAB MacOS 4-arabic to ISO 8859/6-arabic
ACYRCYRL MacOS 7-cyrillic to ISO 8859/5-cyrill
AEURLAT2 MacOS 29-easteuro to ISO 8859/2-latin2
AGRKGREK MacOS 6-greek to ISO 8859/7-greek
AHEBHEBR MacOS 5-hebrew to ISO 8859/8-hebrew
AROMLAT1 MacOS 0-roman to ISO 8859/1-latin1
ATURLAT5 MacOS 35-turkish to ISO 8859/9-latin5
AUKRCYRL MacOS 152-ukraine to ISO 8859/5-cyrill
E037LAT1 EBCDIC cp037-usa to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E273LAT1 EBCDIC cp273-de to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E277LAT1 EBCDIC cp277-da to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E278LAT1 EBCDIC cp278-fi to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E280LAT1 EBCDIC cp280-it to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E284LAT1 EBCDIC cp284-es to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E285LAT1 EBCDIC cp285-uk to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E297LAT1 EBCDIC cp297-fr to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E420ARAB EBCDIC cp420-ar to ISO 8859/6-arabic
E424HEBR EBCDIC cp424-iw to ISO 8859/8-hebrew
E500LAT1 EBCDIC cp500-inter to ISO 8859/1-latin1
E870LAT2 EBCDIC cp870-lat2 to ISO 8859/2-latin2
E875CYRL EBCDIC cp875-el to ISO 8859/5-cyrill
E875GREK EBCDIC cp875-el to ISO 8859/7-greek
ECYRCYRL EBCDIC cp1025-cyrl to ISO 8859/5-cyrill
ELATLAT1 EBCDIC cp1047-lat1 to ISO 8859/1-latin1
ETURLAT5 EBCDIC cp1026-tr to ISO 8859/9-latin5
LAT1LAT1 ISO 8859/1-latin1 to ISO 8859/1-latin1
P737GREK MSDOS OEM 737-el to ISO 8859/7-greek
P775LAT4 MSDOS OEM 775-balt to ISO 8859/4-latin4
P775LAT6 MSDOS OEM 775-balt to ISO 8859/10-latin6
P850LAT1 IBMPC OEM 850-west to ISO 8859/1-latin1
P852LAT2 IBMPC OEM 852-slav to ISO 8859/2-latin2
P857LAT5 IBMPC OEM 857-tr to ISO 8859/9-latin5
P862HEBR IBMPC OEM 862-iw to ISO 8859/8-hebrew
P863LAT1 MSDOS OEM 863-fc to ISO 8859/1-latin1
P864ARAB IBMPC OEM 864-ar to ISO 8859/6-arabic
P866CYRL IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl to ISO 8859/5-cyrill
P866LAT5 IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl to ISO 8859/9-latin5
P869GREK IBMPC OEM 869-el to ISO 8859/7-greek
P874THAI IBMPC OEM 874-th to ISO 8859/11-thai
ROM8LAT1 HP Roman 8 to ISO 8859/1-latin1
WARAARAB Win cp1256-arabic to ISO 8859/6-arabic
WBALLAT4 Win cp1257-baltic to ISO 8859/4-latin4
WBALLAT6 Win cp1257-baltic to ISO 8859/10-latin6
WCYRCYRL Win cp1251-cyrill to ISO 8859/5-cyrill
WGRKGREK Win cp1253-greek to ISO 8859/7-greek
WHEBHEBR Win cp1255-hebrew to ISO 8859/8-hebrew
WLT1LAT1 Win cp1252-latin1 to ISO 8859/1-latin1
WLT2LAT2 Win cp1250-latin2 to ISO 8859/2-latin2
WTURLAT5 Win cp1254-turkish to ISO 8859/9-latin5

Transcoding to Windows
Entry Name Description
AARAWARA MacOS 4-arabic to Win cp1256-arabic
ACYRWCYR MacOS 7-cyrillic to Win cp1251-cyrill
AEURWLT2 MacOS 29-easteuro to Win cp1250-latin2
AGRKWGRK MacOS 6-greek to Win cp1253-greek
AHEBWHEB MacOS 5-hebrew to Win cp1255-hebrew
ARABWARA ISO 8859/6-arabic to Win cp1256-arabic
AROMWLT1 MacOS 0-roman to Win cp1252-latin1
ATURWTUR MacOS 35-turkish to Win cp1254-turkish
AUKRWCYR MacOS 152-ukraine to Win cp1251-cyrill
CYRLWCYR ISO 8859/5-cyrill to Win cp1251-cyrill
E037WLT1 EBCDIC cp037-usa to Win cp1252-latin1
E273WLT1 EBCDIC cp273-de to Win cp1252-latin1
E277WLT1 EBCDIC cp277-da to Win cp1252-latin1
E278WLT1 EBCDIC cp278-fi to Win cp1252-latin1
E280WLT1 EBCDIC cp280-it to Win cp1252-latin1
E284WLT1 EBCDIC cp284-es to Win cp1252-latin1
E285WLT1 EBCDIC cp285-uk to Win cp1252-latin1
E297WLT1 EBCDIC cp297-fr to Win cp1252-latin1
E420WARA EBCDIC cp420-ar to Win cp1256-arabic
E424WHEB EBCDIC cp424-iw to Win cp1255-hebrew
E500WLT1 EBCDIC cp500-inter to Win cp1252-latin1
E870WLT2 EBCDIC cp870-lat2 to Win cp1250-latin2
E875WGRK EBCDIC cp875-el to Win cp1253-greek
ECYRWCYR EBCDIC cp1025-cyrl to Win cp1251-cyrill
ELATWLT1 EBCDIC cp1047-lat1 to Win cp1252-latin1
ETURWTUR EBCDIC cp1026-tr to Win cp1254-turkish
GREKWGRK ISO 8859/7-greek to Win cp1253-greek
HEBRWHEB ISO 8859/8-hebrew to Win cp1255-hebrew
LAT1WLT1 ISO 8859/1-latin1 to Win cp1252-latin1
LAT2WLT2 ISO 8859/2-latin2 to Win cp1250-latin2
LAT4WBAL ISO 8859/4-latin4 to Win cp1257-baltic
LAT5WTUR ISO 8859/9-latin5 to Win cp1254-turkish
LAT6WBAL ISO 8859/10-latin6 to Win cp1257-baltic
P737WGRK MSDOS OEM 737-el to Win cp1253-greek
P775WBAL MSDOS OEM 775-balt to Win cp1257-baltic
P850WLT1 IBMPC OEM 850-west to Win cp1252-latin1
P852WLT2 IBMPC OEM 852-slav to Win cp1250-latin2
P857WTUR IBMPC OEM 857-tr to Win cp1254-turkish
P862WHEB IBMPC OEM 862-iw to Win cp1255-hebrew
P863WLT1 MSDOS OEM 863-fc to Win cp1252-latin1
P864WARA IBMPC OEM 864-ar to Win cp1256-arabic
P866WCYR IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl to Win cp1251-cyrill
P869WGRK IBMPC OEM 869-el to Win cp1253-greek
ROM8WLT1 HP Roman 8 to Win cp1252-latin1

Transcoding to Unicode
Entry Name Description
AARAUNIC MacOS 4-arabic to Unicode (UCS-2)
ACYRUNIC MacOS 7-cyrillic to Unicode (UCS-2)
AEURUNIC MacOS 29-easteuro to Unicode (UCS-2)
AGRKUNIC MacOS 6-greek to Unicode (UCS-2)
AHEBUNIC MacOS 5-hebrew to Unicode (UCS-2)
ARABUNIC ISO 8859/6-arabic to Unicode (UCS-2)
AROMUNIC MacOS 0-roman to Unicode (UCS-2)
ATHAUNIC MacOS 21-thai to Unicode (UCS-2)
ATURUNIC MacOS 35-turkish to Unicode (UCS-2)
AUKRUNIC MacOS 152-ukraine to Unicode (UCS-2)
CYRLUNIC ISO 8859/5-cyrill to Unicode (UCS-2)
E037UNIC EBCDIC cp037-usa to Unicode (UCS-2)
E273UNIC EBCDIC cp273-de to Unicode (UCS-2)
E277UNIC EBCDIC cp277-da to Unicode (UCS-2)
E278UNIC EBCDIC cp278-fi to Unicode (UCS-2)
E280UNIC EBCDIC cp280-it to Unicode (UCS-2)
E284UNIC EBCDIC cp284-es to Unicode (UCS-2)
E285UNIC EBCDIC cp285-uk to Unicode (UCS-2)
E297UNIC EBCDIC cp297-fr to Unicode (UCS-2)
E420UNIC EBCDIC cp420-ar to Unicode (UCS-2)
E424UNIC EBCDIC cp424-iw to Unicode (UCS-2)
E500UNIC EBCDIC cp500-inter to Unicode (UCS-2)
E870UNIC EBCDIC cp870-lat2 to Unicode (UCS-2)
E875UNIC EBCDIC cp875-el to Unicode (UCS-2)
ECYRUNIC EBCDIC cp1025-cyrl to Unicode (UCS-2)
ELATUNIC EBCDIC cp1047-lat1 to Unicode (UCS-2)
ETURUNIC EBCDIC cp1026-tr to Unicode (UCS-2)
GREKUNIC ISO 8859/7-greek to Unicode (UCS-2)
HEBRUNIC ISO 8859/8-hebrew to Unicode (UCS-2)
LAT1UNIC ISO 8859/1-latin1 to Unicode (UCS-2)
LAT2UNIC ISO 8859/2-latin2 to Unicode (UCS-2)
LAT3UNIC ISO 8859/3-latin3 to Unicode (UCS-2)
LAT4UNIC ISO 8859/4-latin4 to Unicode (UCS-2)
LAT5UNIC ISO 8859/9-latin5 to Unicode (UCS-2)
LAT6UNIC ISO 8859/10-latin6 to Unicode (UCS-2)
P737UNIC MSDOS OEM 737-el to Unicode (UCS-2)
P775UNIC MSDOS OEM 775-balt to Unicode (UCS-2)
P850UNIC IBMPC OEM 850-west to Unicode (UCS-2)
P852UNIC IBMPC OEM 852-slav to Unicode (UCS-2)
P857UNIC IBMPC OEM 857-tr to Unicode (UCS-2)
P860UNIC IBMPC OEM 860-pt to Unicode (UCS-2)
P862UNIC IBMPC OEM 862-iw to Unicode (UCS-2)
P863UNIC MSDOS OEM 863-fc to Unicode (UCS-2)
P864UNIC IBMPC OEM 864-ar to Unicode (UCS-2)
P865UNIC IBMPC OEM 865-nord to Unicode (UCS-2)
P866UNIC IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl to Unicode (UCS-2)
P869UNIC IBMPC OEM 869-el to Unicode (UCS-2)
P874UNIC IBMPC OEM 874-th to Unicode (UCS-2)
ROM8UNIC HP Roman 8 to Unicode (UCS-2)
SLT1UNIC SAS OEM Latin1 to Unicode (UCS-2)
SLT2UNIC SAS OEM Latin2 to Unicode (UCS-2)
THAIUNIC ISO 8859/11-thai to Unicode (UCS-2)
WARAUNIC Win cp1256-arabic to Unicode (UCS-2)
WBALUNIC Win cp1257-baltic to Unicode (UCS-2)
WCYRUNIC Win cp1251-cyrill to Unicode (UCS-2)
WGRKUNIC Win cp1253-greek to Unicode (UCS-2)
WHEBUNIC Win cp1255-hebrew to Unicode (UCS-2)
WLT1UNIC Win cp1252-latin1 to Unicode (UCS-2)
WLT2UNIC Win cp1250-latin2 to Unicode (UCS-2)
WTURUNIC Win cp1254-turkish to Unicode (UCS-2)
WVIEUNIC Win cp1258-vietnam to Unicode (UCS-2)

Transcoding to Macintosh
Entry Name Description
ARABAARA ISO 8859/6-arabic to MacOS 4-arabic
CYRLACYR ISO 8859/5-cyrill to MacOS 7-cyrillic
CYRLAUKR ISO 8859/5-cyrill to MacOS 152-ukraine
E037AROM EBCDIC cp037-usa to MacOS 0-roman
E273AROM EBCDIC cp273-de to MacOS 0-roman
E277AROM EBCDIC cp277-da to MacOS 0-roman
E278AROM EBCDIC cp278-fi to MacOS 0-roman
E280AROM EBCDIC cp280-it to MacOS 0-roman
E284AROM EBCDIC cp284-es to MacOS 0-roman
E285AROM EBCDIC cp285-uk to MacOS 0-roman
E297AROM EBCDIC cp297-fr to MacOS 0-roman
E420AARA EBCDIC cp420-ar to MacOS 4-arabic
E424AHEB EBCDIC cp424-iw to MacOS 5-hebrew
E500AROM EBCDIC cp500-inter to MacOS 0-roman
E870AEUR EBCDIC cp870-lat2 to MacOS 29-easteuro
E875AGRK EBCDIC cp875-el to MacOS 6-greek
ECYRACYR EBCDIC cp1025-cyrl to MacOS 7-cyrillic
ECYRAUKR EBCDIC cp1025-cyrl to MacOS 152-ukraine
ELATAROM EBCDIC cp1047-lat1 to MacOS 0-roman
ETURATUR EBCDIC cp1026-tr to MacOS 35-turkish
GREKAGRK ISO 8859/7-greek to MacOS 6-greek
HEBRAHEB ISO 8859/8-hebrew to MacOS 5-hebrew
LAT1AROM ISO 8859/1-latin1 to MacOS 0-roman
LAT2AEUR ISO 8859/2-latin2 to MacOS 29-easteuro
LAT5ATUR ISO 8859/9-latin5 to MacOS 35-turkish
P737AGRK MSDOS OEM 737-el to MacOS 6-greek
P850AROM IBMPC OEM 850-west to MacOS 0-roman
P852AEUR IBMPC OEM 852-slav to MacOS 29-easteuro
P857ATUR IBMPC OEM 857-tr to MacOS 35-turkish
P862AHEB IBMPC OEM 862-iw to MacOS 5-hebrew
P863AROM MSDOS OEM 863-fc to MacOS 0-roman
P864AARA IBMPC OEM 864-ar to MacOS 4-arabic
P866ACYR IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl to MacOS 7-cyrillic
P866AUKR IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl to MacOS 152-ukraine
P869AGRK IBMPC OEM 869-el to MacOS 6-greek
P874ATHA IBMPC OEM 874-th to MacOS 21-thai
ROM8AROM HP Roman 8 to MacOS 0-roman
THAIATHA ISO 8859/11-thai to MacOS 21-thai
WARAAARA Win cp1256-arabic to MacOS 4-arabic
WCYRACYR Win cp1251-cyrill to MacOS 7-cyrillic
WCYRAUKR Win cp1251-cyrill to MacOS 152-ukraine
WGRKAGRK Win cp1253-greek to MacOS 6-greek
WHEBAHEB Win cp1255-hebrew to MacOS 5-hebrew
WLT1AROM Win cp1252-latin1 to MacOS 0-roman
WLT2AEUR Win cp1250-latin2 to MacOS 29-easteuro
WTURATUR Win cp1254-turkish to MacOS 35-turkish

Transcoding to IBMPC OEM
Entry Name Description
AARAP864 MacOS 4-arabic to IBMPC OEM 864-ar
ACYRP866 MacOS 7-cyrillic to IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl
AEURP852 MacOS 29-easteuro to IBMPC OEM 852-slav
AGRKP869 MacOS 6-greek to IBMPC OEM 869-el
AHEBP862 MacOS 5-hebrew to IBMPC OEM 862-iw
ARABP864 ISO 8859/6-arabic to IBMPC OEM 864-ar
AROMP850 MacOS 0-roman to IBMPC OEM 850-west
ATURP857 MacOS 35-turkish to IBMPC OEM 857-tr
AUKRP866 MacOS 152-ukraine to IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl
CYRLP866 ISO 8859/5-cyrill to IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl
E037P850 EBCDIC cp037-usa to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E273P850 EBCDIC cp273-de to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E277P850 EBCDIC cp277-da to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E278P850 EBCDIC cp278-fi to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E280P850 EBCDIC cp280-it to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E284P850 EBCDIC cp284-es to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E285P850 EBCDIC cp285-uk to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E297P850 EBCDIC cp297-fr to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E420P864 EBCDIC cp420-ar to IBMPC OEM 864-ar
E424P862 EBCDIC cp424-iw to IBMPC OEM 862-iw
E500P850 EBCDIC cp500-inter to IBMPC OEM 850-west
E870P852 EBCDIC cp870-lat2 to IBMPC OEM 852-slav
E875P869 EBCDIC cp875-el to IBMPC OEM 869-el
ECYRP866 EBCDIC cp1025-cyrl to IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl
ELATP850 EBCDIC cp1047-lat1 to IBMPC OEM 850-west
ETURP857 EBCDIC cp1026-tr to IBMPC OEM 857-tr
GREKP869 ISO 8859/7-greek to IBMPC OEM 869-el
HEBRP862 ISO 8859/8-hebrew to IBMPC OEM 862-iw
LAT1P850 ISO 8859/1-latin1 to IBMPC OEM 850-west
LAT2P852 ISO 8859/2-latin2 to IBMPC OEM 852-slav
LAT5P857 ISO 8859/9-latin5 to IBMPC OEM 857-tr
LAT5P866 ISO 8859/9-latin5 to IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl
ROM8P850 HP Roman 8 to IBMPC OEM 850-west
THAIP874 ISO 8859/11-thai to IBMPC OEM 874-th
WARAP864 Win cp1256-arabic to IBMPC OEM 864-ar
WCYRP866 Win cp1251-cyrill to IBMPC OEM 866-cyrl
WGRKP869 Win cp1253-greek to IBMPC OEM 869-el
WHEBP862 Win cp1255-hebrew to IBMPC OEM 862-iw
WLT1P850 Win cp1252-latin1 to IBMPC OEM 850-west
WLT2P852 Win cp1250-latin2 to IBMPC OEM 852-slav
WTURP857 Win cp1254-turkish to IBMPC OEM 857-tr

Transcoding to MSDOS OEM
Entry Name Description
AGRKP737 MacOS 6-greek to MSDOS OEM 737-el
AROMP863 MacOS 0-roman to MSDOS OEM 863-fc
E037P863 EBCDIC cp037-usa to MSDOS OEM 863-fc
E875P737 EBCDIC cp875-el to MSDOS OEM 737-el
GREKP737 ISO 8859/7-greek to MSDOS OEM 737-el
LAT1P863 ISO 8859/1-latin1 to MSDOS OEM 863-fc
LAT4P775 ISO 8859/4-latin4 to MSDOS OEM 775-balt
LAT6P775 ISO 8859/10-latin6 to MSDOS OEM 775-balt
ROM8P863 HP Roman 8 to MSDOS OEM 863-fc
WBALP775 Win cp1257-baltic to MSDOS OEM 775-balt
WGRKP737 Win cp1253-greek to MSDOS OEM 737-el
WLT1P863 Win cp1252-latin1 to MSDOS OEM 863-fc

Renamed Transcoding Lists

Old Name New Name Description
ALT2LAT2AEURLAT2 MacOS 29-easteuro to ISO 8859/2-latin2
ALT2P852AEURP852 MacOS 29-easteuro to IBMPC OEM 852-slav
ALT2UNICAEURUNIC MacOS 29-easteuro to Unicode (UCS-2)
ALT2WLT2AEURWLT2 MacOS 29-easteuro to Win cp1250-latin2
E870ALT2E870AEUR EBCDIC cp870-lat2 to MacOS 29-easteuro
LAT2ALT2LAT2AEUR ISO 8859/2-latin2 to MacOS 29-easteuro
P852ALT2P852AEUR IBMPC OEM 852-slav to MacOS 29-easteuro
WLT2ALT2WLT2AEUR Win cp1250-latin2 to MacOS 29-easteuro