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Technical Overview

Foundation Services

The SAS Foundation Services are a set of infrastructure and extension services which support the development of integrated, scalable, and secure Java-based applications. The SAS Foundation Services are based on the following design principles:

  • implementation modularity
  • location transparency
  • robust and adaptive resource management
  • runtime monitoring
  • consistent deployment methodology
  • client neutrality

The design model of the SAS Foundation Services supports both local and remote resource deployment and promotes resource sharing among applications. Sharing can occur for a specific session, for a specific user, or globally, as appropriate. At the same time, the model controls access to protected resources based on privileged-user status and group membership.

The SAS Foundation Services are as follows:

  • Connection Service
  • Discovery Service
  • Event Broker Service
  • Information Service
  • Logging Service
  • Publish Service
  • Security Service
  • Session Service
  • Stored Process Service
  • User Service

The Connection, Publish, and Stored Process services are extensions of similar services that are part of the Integrated Object Model (IOM) Services published with SAS Integration Technologies 8.2. The IOM Services continue to be supported. However, the SAS Foundation Services provide enhanced features, including support for the use of a SAS Metadata Server for storing configuration information, and support for the use of shared remote service deployments.

Foundation Services Documentation

For information about configuring and administering SAS Foundation Services, refer to the SAS Foundation Services section of the SAS Integration Technologies: Administrator's Guide.

For information about using SAS Foundation Services to develop applications, refer to the SAS Foundation Services section of the SAS Integration Technologies: Developer's Guide.

For detailed class documentation, refer to