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SAS Stored Processes
Software Requirements
Creating Stored Processes
Input Parameters
Result Types
Reserved Macro Variables
Stored Process Server Functions
Converting SAS/IntrNet Programs
Using Stored Processes
Building a Web Application
SAS Stored Process Web Application
HTTP Headers
Embedding Graphics
Chaining Stored Processes
Using Sessions
IOM Direct Interface Stored Processes
SAS Stored Processes

Stored Process Server Functions

Stored process server functions are DATA step functions that you use to define character, numeric, and alphanumeric strings to generate output in the desired format. The following list of SAS Stored Process Server functions can be used to return the correct character, numeric, or alphanumeric value of a parameter setting.

Note: You can also use APPSRV syntax from the Application Dispatcher in place of these functions. See the Application Dispatcher documentation for more information.