Shared Environment Project

The Shared Environment Project is a SAS Research and Development effort to have an Enterprise Class environment where SAS R&D staff worldwide can develop and test in a common SAS configuration that is administered with IT system management best practices in mind. This effort will allow Research and Development staff the opportunity to use a customer like environment that is stable and secure while producing quality enterprise class software. The purpose of this page is to have a place to provide SAS and IT professionals content produced from work done in the R&D Shared Environment.

SAS Backup and Disaster Recovery

The SAS® Intelligence Platform and SAS Business Solutions provide intelligence that can drive many critical business activities. Due to this, IT professionals may have a need to include SAS as part of their overall Business Continuity and IT Service Continuity Management portfolio. There will be a need to reduce the vulnerability to your business of a diaster or major failure and protecting your business-critical services and data. The Shared Environment admininstration team has produced a paper SAS Backup and Disaster Recovery: When Disaster Strikes, What Will You Do? What Will You Do? that documents SAS backup and restore considerations that can be included in your overall enterprise disaster recovery strategy.

Download the SAS Backup and Disaster Recovery SGF Paper

If you are a SAS customer and would like to download the SAS Backup and Diaster Recovery SAS Global Forum 08 paper, Click Here.

Download the SAS Backup and Disaster Recovery SAMPLES package

If you are a SAS customer and would like to download the SAS Backup and Diaster Recovery SAMPLES package, click get the package (ZIP). The File Download dialog will appear. Select save to store the package on your file system. This package contains the SAMPLE scripts and supporting content that the shared environment team uses in their Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy at SAS in support of their Enterprise Class SAS Environment on Solaris 10. The package is a zip file containing documentation to get you started with the samples. Please review the documentation for installation information.

NOTE:While the features and capabilities demonstrated in this package are for a Solaris 10 environment, sites may use the same techniques, tips and scripts to implement a backup and restore capability on non-Solaris operating systems.

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