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This section will highlight new information that has been added to this site:

October 2007
  • Tool Tips over map areas now active with Netscape and Firefox browsers.
  • New World Image Per your feedback, the world image on the main page has been changed to a meridian-center-perspective.
    Please also send feedback on how you use the information provided at this site. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Germany This dataset contained special characters in the dataset label that created transcoding errors during IOM access. The label was translated from German to English.
  • North America More data points were added on the boundary line between US and Canada to create the visual curve produced with other projections.
  • July ZIPCODE July zipcode dataset updated. Corrections were made to the Alias_City values.
  • October ZIPCODE A new zipcode dataset for October; now contains 41,759 observations and 18 variables.
    This zipfile also includes the ZIPMIL dataset (APO's, FPO's) and a new dataset ZIPMISC.
    The ZIPMISC dataset contains data for American Samoa (statefips 60) and PRS (Parcel Return Service) Zipcodes per user-request. These zipcodes are not included in the SASHELP.ZIPCODE file.
  • PROC GEOCODE A new SAS 9.2 procedure in SAS/GRAPH, to perform geocoding by city/state or using ZIP/ZIP+4 postal codes.
  • July 2007
  • World The coordinates were rescaled to be within the range of the old world dataset.
  • Poland There was an error in the downloadable sample code that's been corrected.
  • USBOX Sample included to add a box around Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska in the MAPS.US dataset.
  • RESPONSE Sample There was an error in the sample that's been corrected.
  • USCITY Missing cityfips code for Jacksonville, FL was added.
  • Continents Contains updated datasets for africa2, asia2, nameric2, sameric2, europe2, oceania2. A new variable IDNAME was added to these datasets.
  • ZIPCODE April zipcode dataset updated. Also includes an addtional dataset, ZIPMIL containing the APO and FPO zips.
  • ZIPCODE A new zipcode dataset for July; now contains 41,763 observations and 18 variables.
    This also includes the new ZIPMIL dataset.

    April 2007

  • US, USCenter, USCity These datasets were updated with the update to USCity. A new variable STATECODE was added. Data for Puerto Rico was also added.
  • Cntyname Changes in the values for Alaska under GEOREF variables (_MAP_GEOMETRY_ and COUNTY_GEO).
  • Metamaps Entries updated to reflect country updates.
  • ZIPCODE A new zipcode dataset; now contains 41,727 observations and 18 variables. Source: April2007.
  • Germany germany dataset has 26845 obs, 7vars; germany2 dataset has 439 obs, 11 vars
  • World & Names Collapsed density values from 0-6 to 0-3.
  • Switzerland New dataset. switzerl has 16564 obs. switzer2 has 26 obs, 6 vars

    January 2007

  • China2 Formats assigned to some variables were creating translation problems. Removed formats.
  • Europe Updated to include Montenegro and Serbia and delete Yugoslavia.
  • Montenegro Split from former Yugoslav dataset. monteneg dataset has 1236 observations and 7 variables; monten2 dataset has 20 records and 5 variables.
  • Serbia Split from former Yugoslav dataset. serbia dataset has 8882 observations and 6 variables; serbia2 dataset has 165 records and 5 variables.
  • World Updated to include Montenegro and Serbia and delete Yugoslav.
  • World_Names Updated with Montenegro and Serbia.
  • Zipcode_Map A map example showing how to display zipcodes on a US map.
  • ZIPCODE A new zipcode dataset; now contains 41,741 observations and 18 variables. Source: January2007.
  • ZIPCODE July data set updated with the correct longitude for zip 92331

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