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Name Description Date Added
MAPS Data Sets Original SAS/GRAPH MAPS library of map data sets. No GRAPH license is needed to download this archive. Can be used with PROC SGMAP if your site does not have the MAPSGFK library.
TIGER/Line files TIGER products from the US Census Bureau used by SAS/GRAPH and SAS/GIS
GEO*Data ZIP+4 files ZIP+4 centroid files can be purchased from Melissa Data for PLUS4 geocoding with PROC GEOCODE. The files can be imported with the %GCDMEL9 autocall macro.
Census Bureau Cartographic Boundary Files County Subdivisions
Boundary files extracted from the Census TIGER geographic database
to be used with a mapping software.
ESRI's version of Census TIGER data
NHGIS: National Historic GIS
Boundary files for the United States between 1790 and 2000
About SASHELP.ZIPCODE About Sashelp.Zipcode
Features of the SASHELP.ZIPCODE Data Set
How to Perform More Frequent Updates of ZIP Code Data
Color Tool Online tool for selecting color schemes for maps and graphics.
Source for SASHELP.ZIPCODE Data contains Zipcode Data for US, Canada and Mexico.
local health data on the New York State Department of Health Public Web Site The New York State Community Health Data Set
has data in 19 health focus areas. Most of the indicators are presented via a 3-year table (T), a table plus 10-year trend plot (T+TR), bar chart/map (M), and trend graph (G). Maps highlight the top five and bottom five counties for each indicator.

Community Health Assessment Clearinghouse
has information and resources related to assessment, planning process, practice and data.

Books By Users: Maps Made Easy Using SAS By: Mike Zdeb
"Abundant real-world examples and a tutorial approach help new users create maps easily and quickly".

The How-To Book for SAS/GRAPH Software By: Thomas Miron
"The book features many graphic examples and programs and helps you interpret the steps your SAS code follows to produce results".

"The Books By Users Program at SAS provides a variety of ways for you to share your expertise in using SAS software."

SAS/GIS A Geographic Information System is a tool that allows you to organize and analyze data that can be referenced spatially--that is, data that can be tied to a physical location.
SAS/GIS software draws on computing capabilities of the SAS System and enables you to access, manage, analyze, and present your data easily.
SAS/GIS Tutorial The SAS/GIS tutorial has been updated and the data that is created for the tutorial has been changed to reflect the new content. In addition, new menu options enable you to resume work in the tutorial and to delete the tutorial data. 17Jan2002
SAS/GRAPH SAS/GRAPH software extends the power of the SAS System's data management and analytical tools, giving you the ability to turn data into eye-catching, full-color graphs and charts in seconds. 9Jan2002
SAS Institute Technical Support Find out how to get help with a problem on the web, over the phone, or through email, as well as how to identify and update the SAS support personnel at your site. 9Jan2002
CIA Maps and Publication A listing of all unclassified maps and publications available to the public for purchase from GPO and/or NTIS. 31Jan2008
CIA World Factbook Country profiles, reference maps and flags. 31Jan2008
Census Bureau Places and Zipcode files. 29Nov2001
USGS: National Mapping Information Find information about their Mapping products, services and centers. 29Nov2001
USGS Products and Publications 29Nov2001
USPS AIS Address Information System Products (AIS) from the United States Postal Service (USPS) 09Jan2002
USPS Address Products Address related products from the United States Postal Service (USPS) 09Jan2002
GSA - U.S. General Services Administration Use this site to find out about and search for Geographic Locator Codes. These are the country codes used in SAS Map Data Sets. 29Nov2001