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Jim Grayson  author photo Jim Grayson is a Professor of Management Science and Operations Management in the Hull College of Business Administration at Georgia Regents University. He teaches quantitative courses including MBA courses in operations management and business analytics for managers and undergraduate courses in operations management, business analytics, and spreadsheet modeling. Grayson's research interests are diverse and range from unique approaches to organizational structure, applying management science methods, financial planning, plus operations management and quality. Grayson brings to the classroom and his research considerable industry experience, including about twelve years at Texas Instruments contributing in quality, supplier and subcontractor management, and statistical consulting. He has a PhD in management science with an information systems minor from the University of North Texas, an MBA in marketing from the University of North Texas, and a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Upcoming Title

Building Better Models with JMP Pro
By Jim Grayson, Mia L. Stephens, and Sam Gardner
Anticipated publication date: Third quarter 2015

Take a peek inside the black box of business analytics along with the methodology for managing and executing analytics projects.

Building Better Models with JMP PRO provides an example-based introduction to business analytics, with a proven process which guides you in the application of modeling tools and concepts. It will tell the "what, why and how" of using JMP PRO for building and applying analytic models. This book is designed for business analysts, managers or practitioners (current or future) who may not have a solid statistical background, but need to be able to readily apply analytic methods to solve business problems.

In addition, faculty members who teach predictive modeling, data mining and/or business analytics at the lower to upper graduate level and their students would benefit greatly from this book. Novice to advanced users in business statistics, business analytics, and predictive modeling will find that it provides a peek inside the black box of algorithms and the methods used.

Topics include: regression, logistic regression, classification and regression trees, neural networks, model cross-validation, model comparison and selection, and data reduction techniques. Full of rich examples, Building Better Models with JMP PRO is an applied book on business analytics and modeling that introduces a simple methodology for managing and executing analytics projects. No prior experience with JMP is needed.

Make more informed decisions from your data using this newest JMP book.

This book is part of the SAS Press program.