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SAS Books - William E. Benjamin, Jr. Author Page

About William E. Benjamin, Jr.

William E. Benjamin author photo William E. Benjamin, Jr., owns Owl Computer Consultancy, LLC, and works as a consultant, trainer, and author. A SAS user for nearly 30 years, he was lead programmer/analyst for American Express prior to becoming a full-time consultant. He received an MBA from Western International University and a BS in computer science from Arizona State University. He has written and presented papers for SAS Global Forum, as well as many regional users groups.
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Exchanging Data Between SAS and Excel book cover Exchanging Data Between SAS and Excel: Tips and Techniques to Transfer and Manage Data More Efficiently
By William E. Benjamin, Jr.
Anticipated publication date: First quarter 2015

Master simple to complex techniques for transporting and managing data between SAS and Excel

William Benjamin's Exchanging Data Between SAS and Excel: Tips and Techniques to Transfer and Manage Data More Efficiently describes many of the options and methods that enable a SAS programmer to transport data between SAS and Excel. The book includes examples that all levels of SAS and Excel users can apply to their everyday programming tasks. Because the book makes no assumptions about the skill levels of either SAS or Excel users, it has a wide-ranging application, providing detailed instructions about how to apply the techniques shown. It contains sections that gather instructional and syntactical information together that is otherwise widely dispersed and provides detailed examples about how to apply the software to everyday applications. These examples will allow novice users and power developers alike the chance to expand their capabilities and enhance their own personal knowledge and toolset.

By moving from simple to complex applications and examples, the layout of the book and accompanying appendices allow the book to be used as both a training and a reference tool. Excel users and SAS Programmers are presented with tools that will assist in the integration of SAS and Excel processes in order to automate reporting and programming interfaces. This will allow programming staff to be will be able to request their own reports or processes and, in turn, support a much larger community.

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