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Summer 2016 Upgrade Information

The summer upgrade includes the following changes:

The upgrade will occur during the weekend of July 16-17. SAS OnDemand for Academics will not be available during some or all of these dates. Please review the following information to prepare.

Upgrade Status

If you experience issues logging on or accessing your software after the upgrade, please try the following:

If you continue to experience an issue, then please send e-mail to

Software Changes

Please review the following information to determine if you need to do anything to prepare for the expected software changes.

SAS Studio Users

SAS Studio will be upgraded from Version 3.4 to Version 3.5. Existing work will be available in the updated version. There is nothing that you need to do to prepare.

Note: Anyone (instructors, students, researchers, adult learners) can use SAS Studio for non-commercial purposes.

SAS Enterprise Guide Users

Your current version of SAS Enterprise Guide (Version 7.11) will continue to function. However, SAS Enterprise Guide Version 7.12 will become the default version for all new users. If you want to replace Version 7.11 with Version 7.12, perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall SAS Enterprise Guide Version 7.11.
  2. Sign in to the Control Center.
  3. Under Applications, click SAS Enterprise Guide to begin the installation of Version 7.12.

Note: You must be associated with an instructor and a course to use this software.

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