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About Your Course Data Directory

The Course Data Directory identifies the location where instructors upload course data that they want to share with students who register for their courses. Each instructor has only one course data directory that is shared by all of the courses that they create.

After instructors identify the course data LIBNAME or FILENAME statements that correspond to their Course Data Directory, they can share them with their students.

Uploading Data

For instructions on how to upload data to your courses area, see Uploading Course Data.

After data has been uploaded, you can view it using SAS Studio software. Sign in to SAS Studio and then use the navigation view (left-hand side) to expand the my_content folder.

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Locating your Course Data Directory

If you have created a course, then your Course Data Directory will be identified on the SAS OnDemand for Academics Control Center. To access this information, sign in to the Control Center using your userid and SAS profile password.

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Forming a LIBNAME or FILENAME Statement

You can define a single LIBNAME or FILENAME statement that will be the same for both the course creator and any enrolled students. This statement uses the Course Data Directory path. For example, if the Course Data Directory path shown is /courses/UUUUUUUU, then your LIBNAME statement is:

LIBNAME datalib "/courses/UUUUUUUU" access=readonly;

Using LIBNAME or FILENAME Shortcuts

If you created a course, then you can also refer to the Course Data Directory using the shortcut ~/my_content.

Example: LIBNAME datalib "~/my_content";

If you want users who enroll in the course to access your data, then they must refer to the Course Data Directory using the shortcut ~/my_courses/userid (where userid is your personal user ID.

Example: LIBNAME datalib "~/my_courses/bob.jones" access=readonly;

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Converting a Previous LIBNAME or FILENAME Statement

If you used SAS OnDemand for Academics prior to the August, 2014 upgrade, then you might have an existing course LIBNAME or FILENAME statement. Previous LIBNAME and FILENAME statements are no longer valid. To determine how to convert these statements to the new format, see Course Data Organization and Convenience Links.

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