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New Products in SAS 9.1.3: SAS Web Analytics 5.0 and 5.1

SAS Web Analytics takes huge volumes of e-data sources and loads them into a flexible Web mart. Business intelligence reports are created by using advanced patent-pending analytics. Information is made available through interactive reporting and visualization tools.

For more information about the current release, see What's New in SAS Web Analytics 5.2.

New Report Interface

A new Web-based report interface in SAS Web Analytics enables users to create their own reports even if they have no programming skills. In addition, reports are easier to locate and customize. Now users can add newly created reports to the system, and reports can be linked to other reports, for a greater exploration of information.

Types of Reports

Reports in SAS Web Analytics are grouped for better accessibility; the reports provide improved metrics and enable more thorough analytics. The following types of reports can be created:

Improved Analytic Capabilities