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What's New in SAS/SHARE 9.0 and 9.1


The following new and enhanced features for SAS/SHARE ensure information privacy and improve ease of use:





SAS 9.1 does not permit a client or a server to connect to a Version 6 server or client. For details, see SAS/SHARE Cross-Version Issues, SAS 9.1.

Explicit Port Specification

If a SAS/SHARE client uses the TCP/IP access method to access a SAS/SHARE server by using an explicit port specification instead of the server ID, you can now use two consecutive underscores (_ _) with a port number in the syntax, in place of a server ID that has been defined in the client TCP/IP SERVICES file. An explicit port can be specified in the SERVER= option in

Note:   Specifying a server using a port number is not supported for ODBC clients.

Enhanced Use of the LOGPARM System Option

Specifying an automatic log rollover is a preferred strategy for managing a SAS/SHARE server session. Setting the "ROLLOVER=AUTO" value for the LOGPARM option closes the current log and opens a new log file if the value of the LOG= option changes. Rollover is triggered by a change in the value of the LOG= option. For examples of configuring automatic log rollover in the server environment, see UNIX and Windows.

New LIBNAME Options and Values


Using the SAS Console Log to Analyze Server Errors

If the SAS/SHARE server encounters problems at SAS initialization or at SAS termination, the server log might not be available to receive error messages. If the server log is not available, error messages are written to the SAS console log. For details about the SAS console log, see the companion documentation that is appropriate for the operating environment that you are using.