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What's New in SAS Management Console 9.1.2 and 9.1.3


SAS Management Console is a Java application that provides a single point of control for managing resources that are used throughout the SAS Intelligence Platform. Instead of using a separate administrative interface for each application in your computing environment, you can use the single interface in SAS Management Console to perform the administrative tasks that are required for creating and maintaining an integrated environment across multiple platforms. SAS Management Console enables you to manage the following resources:

SAS Management Console works by creating and maintaining metadata definitions for each computing resource or control. These metadata definitions are stored in a repository on a SAS Metadata Server, which makes them available for use by other applications. For more information, see the SAS 9.1.3 Management Console: User's Guide.

The 9.1.3 release of SAS Management Console provides support for the SAS Scalable Performance Data (SPD) Server, enables you to import data tables into a library, places new libraries and imported tables into folders, enables you to schedule flows using operating system scheduling servers, provides support for grid computing, updates resource templates, and changes the source for metadata import and export bridges.

General Enhancements

SAS Management Console now contains the following enhancements: