What's New Table of Contents  

What's New in SAS Integration Technologies 9.0, 9.1, 9.1.2, and 9.1.3


SAS Integration Technologies includes the following enhancements.



SAS Metadata Server

The SAS Metadata Server stores configuration information for servers and other SAS Integration Technologies resources, and SAS Management Console is used to administer this information.

Web Services

Support is provided for creating Web services that implement the XML for Analysis Version 1.1 interface to call SAS Stored Processes.

With SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 4, SAS BI Web Services for Java can be secured using trusted Web server authentication. This provides a way for SAS BI Web Services for Java to identify the calling user by using basic Web server authentication.

SAS Stored Processes

SAS Stored Processes can operate on a SAS Stored Process Server to produce streaming output for use in Web applications. You can use SAS Stored Processes in the following ways.

With SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2, the property page of the SAS Stored Process Web Application includes new interactive features.

SAS Foundation Services

SAS Foundation Services is a new set of core infrastructure services that Java programmers can use to write applications that are integrated with the SAS platform. The services provide dynamic service discovery, user authentication, profile management, session context management, metadata and content repository access, and activity logging. Extension services for event management, information publishing, stored process execution, and enhanced IOM client connection are also provided.

You can use the Foundation Services Manager plug-in to SAS Management Console to configure service deployments and services, and you can use the Application Monitor plug-in to monitor the activities and performance of applications that are enabled by SAS Foundation Services.

Foundation Services 1.2 includes BI Manager, which is a new SAS Management Console plug-in. BI Manager provides a common interface for the administration of SAS BI objects, including information maps, stored processes, reports, and data explorations. BI Manager also provides the ability to promote BI metadata and related content.

Integrated Object Model (IOM) Server

The Integrated Object Model (IOM) server includes the following enhancements.


SAS Integration Technologies now uses the following new security features that are provided with SAS Open Metadata Architecture.

SAS Web Infrastructure Kit

The new SAS Web Infrastructure Kit provides an infrastructure for creating Web applications that use portal technology by including the following items.

The SAS Web Infrastructure Kit provides the infrastructure for the SAS Information Delivery Portal product.

The following enhancements have been made to the SAS Web Infrastructure Kit:

Publishing Framework

The Publishing Framework includes the following enhancements.

Messaging Interfaces

The Messaging interfaces include the following enhancements.

Documentation Enhancements

Documentation for administering servers has been moved from the SAS Integration Technologies Administrator's Guide to the new SAS Integration Technologies Server Administrator's Guide.

For SAS 9.1.3, the following documentation changes have been made: