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What's New in SAS Information Map Studio 2.1

Overview of SAS Information Map Studio

SAS Information Map Studio has been updated with new functionality and usability enhancements that make the application more flexible and easier to use.

Details about SAS Information Map Studio

General User Interface Enhancements

The SAS Information Map Studio 2.1 user interface includes the following new and enhanced features that help you to work more efficiently within the application:


From within SAS Information Map Studio, you can now modify the access controls for an information map and view the access controls for a stored process.

Administration Tools

A set of administration tools has been added, which enables you to perform the following tasks:

User Options

The Options window has been added, which enables you to set the following user preferences for your SAS Information Map Studio sessions:

Data Items

The following enhancements have been added to simplify the process of creating a data item:


The filter definition windows have been updated to provide you with the following enhancements:


The completely redesigned Prompt Properties window provides you with the following new features:

Stored Processes

The updated Stored Processes window enables you to view the properties and parameters of a stored process. You can also view the properties of the parameters.