What's New Table of Contents  

What's New in the SAS 9.0 and 9.1 Companion for Windows


New and enhanced features in Base SAS improve ease of use and SAS performance under the Windows environment:


Basic Operation of SAS

The basic operation of SAS has been enhanced as follows:


The following features are new:

Enhanced Editor

The following features are new:

The following features have been enhanced:

The following feature has been removed:

Graphical User Interface

The following features are new in the SAS main window:

SAS Language Elements


The following SAS commands are new:


The following have specific functionality in the Windows operating environment:


The following statements have been enhanced:

System Options

The following system options are new:

The following system option has been enhanced:

The EMAILID and EMAILPW options, which were previously available only in the Windows environment, are now available in all operating environments. See SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.


The SYSSCPL automatic macro variable returns a value for the Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating environments.