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What's New in the SAS 9.0, 9.1, and 9.1.3 Companion for z/OS


New features in SAS 9.0 (and later) under z/OS include support for the following items:



Long Format Names

Beginning with version 9.0, SAS supports long format names up to a maximum length of 32 bytes. Because earlier versions of SAS support format names that are only a maximum length of 8 bytes, you will not be able to use earlier versions of SAS to read SAS 9.0 (and later) data sets that contain long format names.

Remote Help

The remote help system enables users who access SAS by using a z/OS emulator (or a real 3270) to view SAS documentation with a Web browser on a PC that is running Microsoft Windows. Previously, all documentation was displayed by the itemstore help in the SAS Help window in the z/OS emulator. By displaying this documentation in your Windows Web browser, the browsing capability is improved and the documentation content is more complete.

SAS Language Elements