What's New Table of Contents 

What's New in SAS Web Report Studio 3.1


New and enhanced features in SAS Web Report Studio include the following:

Note:   You must have permission to use some of the following features. If you have questions about your authorization, contact your system administrator.

Improved Workflow for Reports

The following enhancements were made to the workflow:

More Control over Report Creation

Improved Layout Design

You can exercise more control over layout design by using these new layout features:

New Group Break Features

These new group break features enable you to refine your output:

More Flexibility in Defining the Query for a Report Section

Your ability to define the query that obtains the data for a report section has been enhanced in the following ways:

Improved Scheduling

Report scheduling has been enhanced in the following ways:

More Control over Formatting Viewed Reports

When you are viewing a report, this additional functionality is available:

New Filtering Capabilities for Tables, Graphs, and Maps

Your ability to filter tables, graphs, and maps has been improved in the following ways:

Ability to Distribute Reports via E-mail

A new Distribute Report Wizard enables you to distribute reports via e-mail as a PDF attachment or embedded HTML. Reports with group breaks can be distributed to targeted recipients based on the breaks. For example, you have a sales report with group breaks on regions. Each sales manager in the recipient list could receive information on just his or her respective region.

Ability to Insert Geographical Maps

If geographic mapping is enabled for a multidimensional data source that is used in a report section, you can insert a map object into the layout of a report. This means that queries can consider spatial proximity as part of the analysis.