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What's New in Security Administration for the SAS 9.1.3 Intelligence Platform


Changes to security aspects of the SAS Intelligence Platform in Service Pack 4 include a new access requirement, a BI row-level permissions feature, and expanded support for Web authentication.

New Access Requirement: The Read Permission for Information Maps

A new access requirement affects users who view reports that are based on information maps (or otherwise interact with information maps). In order to access data through an information map, users must have the Read permission for that information map. In the interest of greater security, the Read permssion is not granted to anyone in the initial configuration. Therefore, before users can perform actions such as generating reports that are based on information maps, you must grant Read access using a strategy that is appropriate for your site. This is a new requirement with SAS Web Report Studio 3.1, SAS Information Map Studio 3.1, and Service Pack 4.

BI Row-Level Permissions

BI row-level permissions is a new feature that enables you to define fine-grained access controls for relational data and SAS data sets when the data is accessed through information maps. This feature requires Service Pack 4 and SAS Information Map Studio 3.1.

Expanded Support for Web Authentication

Web authentication support has been expanded to include the SAS Web OLAP Viewer for Java. This enables you to authenticate users of this application using the Web server's authentication provider (rather than the metadata server's authentication provider). This is an enhanced feature that requires SAS Web OLAP Viewer 3.1.

Documentation Enhancements

The following changes have been made in the second edition of this document: