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What's New in Desktop Application Administration for the SAS 9.1.3 Intelligence Platform


The desktop applications of the SAS Intelligence Platform provide a comprehensive suite of knowledge generation and reporting capabilities in a series of graphical interfaces. The new administrator's guide, SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide, shows you how to configure and manage the desktop application across your enterprise.

Documentation Enhancements

The SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide addresses all of the administrative tasks for the following desktop applications:

For some of the desktop applications, the information in the new document complements existing information in other documents. For example, it documents administrative tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide that are specific to the SAS Intelligence Platform. Other administrative tasks are documented in Administering SAS Enterprise Guide.

Most of the content in the new document was formerly part of the SAS Intelligence Platform: Administration Guide. For information about the administrative documentation for the SAS Intelligence Platform, see